James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Saturday, March 15, 2008

March of the Princesses...

Reece and I always happen to go to the Gateway during big events at the Delta Center. We always get frustrated at the lack of parking, and then we argue about each others' driving skills (or lack thereof) in the parking garages. The first time we ran into this issue was the night of the Hannah Montana concert. Last night, it was the Disney Princess on Ice show. As we sat in Rumbi's, eating our gross food, we LOVED watching all the little "princesses" run around with their mommies. Reece commented that he had never seen so many princesses in his entire life :) This situation was NOT good for the "baby hunger", and it made us really really really want a little princess of our own!

ALSO: Did anyone else know that a JASON'S DELI is opening on MONDAY at the Gateway? I told Reece (when he delivered the glorious news) that it was the best moment of my life. You can be sure that the Ivins will be the first in line. Free soft serve = my own personal heaven.


Lindsay said...

I took Haley to Princess wishes on Ice or whatever it was called! She totally dressed up in her princess outfit! It was so fun! You should probably have a princess of your own! :)

Kimba said...

Mmmm...I LOVE Jason's Deli! Best little ice cream (ice milk?). One more reason to move home! (As if I needed any more...)

Also? You would have the most beautiful princess EVER.