James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

James + Reece + Lola + Jessica

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend Top 10...

1) Banks Family Easter Party...every year, Reece's Mom's family gets together for an Easter egg hunt of epic proportions. I walked outta there with a bag FILLED TO THE BRIM with my favorite chocolate. Did I mention that we get to run around the yard to find the candy before it is gone? It is like a pinata scramble, without the baseball bat.

2) Alexis Wiseman's Baby Shower...or at least the end of it. Unfortunately the Banks Family Easter Party took place at the same time. Reece and I dashed to the other side of town and made it just as everyone else was leaving...just the way we liked it. We got Matt and Alexis (and that stubborn Alivia) to ourselves, and presented our favorite family with the best baby shower gift ever: a Chipotle gift card. Nothing makes baby happier than a stuffed burrito :)
*Added bonus: finally meeting the infamous parentals we hear so much about

3) Sleeping in a Twin Bed...nothing like being smashed up against each other to make you grateful for a queen. I mean, there MUST be limits to family togetherness.

4) Visiting the Home Ward...good for catching up on the Lindon gossip.

5) Fruit...pineapple, strawberries (covered in chocolate, by the way), oranges, bananas, apples...it felt like summer. At least until I was so cruelly reminded that my stomach does NOT do well when crammed with mass amounts of acidic goodness.

6) Dan in Real Life and Enchanted...Thanks honey, for the best Easter basket a girl could ask for :)

7) Decorating Easter Eggs...the vinegar smell was horrendous, but who needs nail polish when you can dip your fingers in dye? Also, I have found the key to Reece's heart: Transformers Egg Decorating Kit. Thank you Target.

8) The Rogers' Family Easter Egg Hunt...Dad chucking eggs on the ground, then getting clever and sticking them in the middle of the spikiest bushes in the yard. No pain, no gain...and we bled for our glory this year. Also, the golden egg filled with a $20 bill funded my Gilmore Girls Season 6 purchase.

9) The Weather...please, please, please, please, please stick around forever? I actually had to TAKE OFF THE JACKET on the family walk. Don't be a tease...just stay for good!

10) The Two Fs: Family and Food...Grilled veggie/chicken skewers, the above-mentioned fruit, chocolate, chocolate and MORE chocolate, brownies, strawberry shortcake, salads, pizza. I better hit the treadmill. Also, what could be better than hanging out with your favorite people in the whole world?

And most importantly....

The celebration of our Savior and the miracle of the Resurrection. I am so blessed to have His love and example in my life.


M'Liss said...

I wish we could now! Gosh, maybe we can go there in the summer. We're gonna go to New York in like May or June. Come with us?? Okay, Go! And are you coming to Adam's birthday bash on Saturday?? I would love love love to see you there.

Alexis said...

We, too, enjoyed receiving Dan in Real Life and Enchanted for Easter! Are we the exact same couple?? I think so - and I pretty much love it.

aubrie said...

Looks like you had so much fun! by the way--I didn't know you like Gilmore Girls. You'll have to come and watch with me & Mallie sometime!